1. Opinions about films — especially Oscar nominees — are complicated, hilariously varied, and wonderfully individual. To show that, we combed through comments on RottenTomatoes.com and scripted a series of pro-con debates — in the words of the Internet. Part Eight: “Captain Phillips”

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  1. "Latinos are more likely than other Americans to watch online videos, but there hasn’t been much of an effort to develop special content for them — until now. Marketers say the last year has been marked by a flood of professional videos geared to Latinos. In fact, one production company has gone from making television to developing a whole network on YouTube geared toward Hispanic-Americans. It’s called Mitu and it features all kinds of short, lifestyle videos. Hernandez says she especially likes the cooking shorts.”


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    How videos go viral (via @charliannejames)

    This is fantastic. The part on the hilarious variations of Nyan Cat and how participation helps spread viral videos is really interesting. -Savy

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