1. Are the vast majority of unpaid internships illegal? A raft of lawsuits brought by unpaid interns claiming minimum-wage violations against big media companies this year might answer the question. In the first settlement among these cases, Charlie Rose’s production company agreed to pay back wages of $110-per-week to nearly 200 former interns. The ethics of unpaid internships are as murky as the economics are clear. Hundreds of thousands of young (and not so young) Americans are willing to work for nothing in exchange for the experience to take part in the daily thrum of a company. And I trust you’ll conceal your shock to learn that some businesses will not refuse young workers at the price of $0.00 per hour.


    The Paradox of the Unpaid Internship - Derek Thompson - The Atlantic

    Note: We pay our interns here at NPR! Apply now!  — tanya b.

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  1. laphamsquarterly:

    We are in need of an editorial intern for the fall, from September 17th to November 23rd. The internship is ideal for someone who has finished college in the spring and is looking to put that liberal arts degree to work. You will get a say in all of our editorial meetings, you will contribute to the magazine, you will write for the website, and you will be an essential member of the staff. The internship is full time in our Union Square offices and it is unpaid.

    Find out more about the internship here (scroll down). Applications are due September 7th.

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  1. NPR Social Media Desk Internship

    The deadline for applications to the summer internship on the NPR Social Media Desk is February 15. If you’re interested in applying for this, or any other internship at NPR, check out the “Internships” page on NPR.org. —Wright

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