1. A lot has changed in the decades since the Supreme Court dismissed a gay marriage case for lack of a “substantial federal question” in the 1970s. As the court once again weighs the issue of gay marriage, here’s a look at how the debate has touched American life: Gay Marriage in Law, Pop Culture And The Courts

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  1. By now, most news organizations and the Twitter world are debating whether President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage will turn off African-Americans — his most loyal supporters.

    It’s a legitimate question because blacks, compared with other groups that make up the Democratic political base, have been the most resistant to an expansion of gay rights.

    Citing deeply held religious objections to homosexuality, African-Americans, many of whom are evangelical Christians, have consistently voted for state bans on gay marriage, most recently in North Carolina on Tuesday. Blacks were credited with (or blamed for) providing the winning margin for the California ban passed in 2008 (which the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled unconstitutional).

    — Read the rest: Black Voters Likely To Stick With Obama Despite Gay Marriage Stance : It’s All Politics

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