1. I’d Rather Spend Money On (Blank) Than Put It In A Piggy Bank

    With paychecks historically smaller and job opportunities notoriously lacking, millennials, the folks in Generation Y, are finding themselves without a lot of extra money at the end of the month — after the usual living expenses. Instead of putting what’s left into a savings account, the chunk of change is going toward expenses that improve quality of life now—bigger things like travel and technology, and smaller things like clothing and entertainment.

    If your money isn’t going into a bank for a long-term stay, what are you spending it on? We want to know. Email a photo of your last purchase of this type to nprcrowdsource@npr.org along with your full name, age, occupation, current location and a one-sentence summary of why you spent money on something instead of saving your money. If applicable, please tell us what member station you listen to.