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    Satellites are powerful tools. They beam our TV signals, phone calls and data around the planet. They help us spy, they track storms, they power the GPS signals in our cars and on our phones. But they also send back striking, totally disarming images of planet Earth.

    This set of images is all about showing off the “beauty of the Earth,” says Lawrence Friedl, the director of NASA’s Applied Sciences Program and the editor of a project called Earth As Art.“We want people to look at these images and say, ‘How did nature do that?’ “

    The project, which NASA has released in iPad and book form, spans the world, from cold peaks to desolate deserts to ocean islands. But these aren’t your typical snapshots.

    Earth As Art: ‘How Did Nature Do That?’

    Photo Credit: NASA

    These pictures are crazy cool. Check ‘em out. -L

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