1. California-based mega-retailer Amoeba Music, the last big record store on the block, has moved into the digital age with both feet, with its inauguration of a revamped website. And possibly the most intriguing element of that site, and a direct reflection of Ameoba’s dig-deeper philosophy, is the so-called Vinyl Vaults section — thousands of rare and out-of-print LPs, 78s and 45s that flow through the company’s three outlets in any given week — now available for sale via download.

    —  Currently there are about 1,000 digitized vinyl titles available, including some rare Louis Armstrong 78s and 144 Sun Ra records.The cost for the ripped tracks: 78 cents per track for MP3s, 80 cents for Lossless M4As and $1.50 for WAVs. — Heidi (via Variety)

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