1. Posted on 6 September, 2012

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    Here, but Not Here: Family Portraits Held Together by Skype

    We live in a world in which some of the people we are closest to are often not near us at all.

    When we document our day-to-day existence in photographs and Instagrams, these people are absent. Their presence in our lives is absent in our digital memories. 

    Photographer John Clang’s series Being Together seeks to correct this. Using Skype and projectors, he captures families visually as they are virtually. 

    “In these images,” Clang told me over email, “I am marking the time for these families, enabling them to remember these strange moments of togetherness with the technology presently available. The picture doesn’t stop here, it lingers on in their memory. It embraces the intimacy and closeness of a family, no matter how far apart they are.”

    Read more. [Images: John Clang]