1. riversidearchives:

    Proof of Residency for Chinese-Americans

    Under the provisions of the Chinese Exclusion Act, Chinese immigrants and laborers were required to obtain a certificate as proof of their legal residency.  These two documents are held in the Commissioner’s Case Files for the Second Judicial District of the Arizona Territorial Court.  These case files are held at the National Archives at Riverside. The men pictured were named Ah Stu and Lee Ching Goon.

    Observing Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

    To pay tribute to the many generations of Asian-Pacific Americans that have enriched our nation’s history, the National Archives at Riverside will be highlighting some of our holdings relating to Asian American history in our region (Southern California, Arizona, and Clark County, NV), including records relating to enforcement of the Chinese Exclusion Act, records relating to Japanese internment and relocation, and many more. 

    For more information about Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, see http://asianpacificheritage.gov/